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What We Do

Holster Brands create safe and clever solutions for organizing all the things in your life. Each product is 100% heat resistant silicone and consists of two parts: a pocket for holding hot styling tools, hot crafting tools, or everyday household items and a flap that grips to smooth household surfaces. Combined, they provide a clever and simple solution for managing all of the items we use every day. Our products do not use suction cups or adhesives and will not permanently attach to surfaces. Whatever the need, there is a Holster Brand product for you.

Holster Brands

Obsessed with making everyday tasks better. Holster Brands is made up of Inventors, Creators, Entrepreneurs, Designers, Developers and Professionals who work tirelessly and innovate daily. Founded by Erin Balogh in San Diego, CA, Holster Brands is pleased to introduce you to the magic of the Holster Brands silicone holders.

Causes we

Read Erin's story about how her life changed from a SCAD heart attack. Learn about our support of SCAD research and how you can help.