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  • Home Page - Hot Iron Holster

    Hot Iron Holster

    Hair styling made easy!
    The perfect home for your hot curling iron or hot flat iron. Holds tools while warming up, during use and cooling down. Learn more.

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  • Home Page - Hobby Holster

    Hobby Holster

    Hot glue gun crafting at it's best.
    The Hobby Holster holds your glue gun while hot and captures the messy, stringy glue right in the pouch for easy cleaning. Dry glue peels right off. Learn more.

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  • Home Page - Lil' Holster

    Lil' Holster

    Your kitchen has never been so organized. Do your dishes quicker and with less mess. Easy access and quick draining. Learn more.

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Customer Love  
  • “The Lil’ Holster is so adorable! I just love how it clings to everything. Finally, a place to put my makeup, soap, and nail polish. Perfect for a dish sponge too! It saves counter space and I can put it anywhere I like.”

    ----- Amy, Lil' Holster User

  • “It's perfect for little hands reaching up to get the soap. It stays in place. The soap residue slides right off into the sink. It works perfectly and helps clear off the counter space.”

    ----- Beth, Lil' Holster User

  • “How great is this wonderful thing! Doesn't react to hot curling irons and keeps me SO organized. Thanks so much for this wonderful invention! With 2 teenage girls who tend to plug in and wander off, this is a great idea. Sticks no problem.”

    ----- Debbie, Hot Iron Holster User

  • “I am in love with this product! It's unique, girly and chic. With it I don't have a messy, disorganized counter and sink any more!”

    ----- Ericka, Hot Iron Holster User

  • “I love this tool! I can't get enough of it. I can put my flat iron in to warm up, during use, and to cool off. My flat iron goes to 450° and it's all good. I would definitely refer to a friend.”

    ----- Monica, Hot Iron Holster User

  • “I use the Mini and Skinny Lil’ Holsters in my office. The Skinny holds my pens, pencils, USB drive and other office supplies. The Mini holds my iPhone, lipstick, gum and more! Lil’ Holsters take up barely any room and leave my desk clutter free!”

    ----- Nicki, Lil' Holster User